Natural organic
biostimulator based on active
concentrated humic acids

Natural organic
based on active
active concentrated
Necessary volume
120 400 8 kg seeds for 1 ha

High yield through versatile application

We use innovative green state-of-the-art technology for organic production, not only in organic but also conventional agriculture. The effectiveness and quality of the product are confirmed by ongoing field and laboratory tests done by experts. Results show a significant increase in the harvest of grain, beans, melons, potatoes, radish, sugar beet, etc.

Cereals 25 %
Fabaceae 25 %
Gourds 60 %
Potato 50 %
Sugar beet 50 %
Radishes 50 %
Jerusalem artichokes 50 %
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Organic biostimulator

Humanicum contains an 8% concentration of humic and fulvic acids. These increase the bioavailability and absorption of minerals and thus ensure the optimal growth of plants.

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Poaceae and legume

Increase the yield of cereals-, lentil, beans and peas by approx. 20-25%.

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Increase the yield of melons, cucumbers, pumpkins by approx. 40-60%.

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Other crops

Increase the yield of potatoes, sugar beets, radishes, Jerusalem artichokes by approx. 30-50%.

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Fish and Seafood

Increase the individual weight by 15-20% using the product in fishing, shrimp, mussels, snails breeding.

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Farm animals

Increase the individual weight of healthy livestock (pigs, cows, poultry etc.) minimum by 10%.

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Only a small amount of Humanicum is needed. The proven effectiveness of the product is already given from a quantity of 2 liters / ha.

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Humanicum is a natural soil renewal and increases the ability of plants to resist diseases, droughts, and waterlogging.

No national approval as feed yet, but is planned for 2018.