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About Humanicum

Humanicum is a natural and organic biostimulator, which has a high proportion of active humic and fulvic acids. Based on the latest scientific knowledge and using the latest green technologies, a product is manufactured that meets the highest quality requirements and is used in many agricultural areas.

Our philosophy

In the development and creation of our products, we always strive to meet the requirements of sustainability in its entirety. This can be seen especially in the use of our green state-of-the-art technology, that does not cause damage to the environment and produces 0% waste. Environmental protection and sustainable farming are therefore of great importance to us, the goal is to cultivate the land in harmony with nature, thereby involving an impoverishment of the soil, a renouncement of unnecessary chemicals and the natural rhythm of nature. It is about a cross-generational future of agriculture, which is designed to use the latest technological knowledge and solutions to use only the products that have socially desirable and socially responsible results, which include humans as much as animals and plants.


Using innovative and environmentally innocuous technologies, humate soil conditioners and fertilizers of the Humanicum brand are ideal and unique nutritional supplements that are used for organic farming to stimulate the growth of plants and optimize the physical, chemical and biological properties of soils.

By working closely with clients and developing customized solutions, Humanicum continually expands and achieves a high range of humate based products. Additionally, the company focuses on the production of biological and gene-free animal feed supplements.

What makes Humanicum an outstanding product in organic farming is the state-of-the-art green technology that produces zero waste due to all remaining matter being turned into bio fuel material.

Our team

Our team of highly qualified experts is always ready to create the best solution to fit our customer’s needs.

In case of further questions or information regarding our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

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